The Bear

Over the past few years, we've been building on a passion of ours - creating space, and time. Moments. Space to form real connections with people, time to invest more deeply in our relationships, and to bring thoughtful intentionality to every aspect of our lives. We wholeheartedly believe that our environment informs much of our mental and spiritual response to our circumstances. This belief elevates the importance of what some may perceive to be a trivial pursuit of beauty in all things - not for the status they may confer, but for the celebration and admiration of the human spirit you feel shine through. Our weekly newsletter seeks to provide perspective on how choices we make regarding the mundane can lead to a deeper appreciation of the sublime.

We do hope you'll join us.

On occasion, a subject arises that inspires the pursuit of a deeper understanding. These longer form articles exist within Manuscripts; we hope you find value in the words - may they spark for your own conversations on craft and value.

Perhaps an exercise in studying the recent past to inform the near future piques your interest; if so, may we direct your attention to Self/Reference.

Interested in how do the things we collect reflect the people we hope to become? Necesidades explores.

If you would like to revisit past Moments, they are made available as Memories to be consumed at your leisure.

Few experiences can rival the complete sensory stimulation one encounters at a fine dining establishment; looking beyond the glitz, Reservations explores the heart of service that is core to the best culinary locales.

As always, we are but a message away on Instagram.