Words, Jesse Jackson IV |
Photography, Reed J Kenney | @reedjkenney

I don’t really know how to get to what I’m looking for. I wonder how often that happens for folks. It’s often so easy to see where you want to be, and no path to get there. Often, we struggle with seeking validation. I know that’s a personal struggle - questioning the validity of my thoughts or opinions in a field I am passionate, but not necessarily deeply experienced, in.

That hesitation can prove valuable as insidiously dangerous in equal measure. Being unsure allows one to research more throughly than perhaps one otherwise would. However, it can also lead to a harmful stagnation of effort towards a goal. In looking to the work of creators I admire, a recurring theme that arises is a desire to return to the unfettered, fearless creative confidence of youth. A throw caution to the wind, critics be damned approach that allows one to realize ones vision more quickly.

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Inevitably, as you’re moving fast and breaking things, you learn lessons along the way, and they aren’t always positive. Sometimes, you’re humbled by life. You take your bumps and your bruises, and you use those very bruises to inform your next attempts to scale the summit.

Finding the right balance of pragmatic practicality is ever the creative struggle. Often, those roles are split across individuals as things scale - the dreamer and the doer pushing each other to ever greater heights - but it is important, even as the individual, to understand how to combine those things in your own mind.

Identifying that balance is even more difficult when social media lens distortion is thrown in to the mix, and your every move is filtered through the algorithmic mine field, ideas reduced to likes and follows. It is more important than ever to find your center, the truest expression of your intent, and to never stray from that path.

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Validation should come first and foremost from executing your intent as truly as you can.