Words, Jesse Jackson IV |
Photography, Reed J Kenney | @reedjkenney

The reopening of society seems to have well and truly begun, health concerns be damned. Reflecting on the times today is writer du jour, but informative nonetheless, interesting in the abstract. I’ve had the good fortune to be able to create space within my home that provides most everything I look for when I look to go out; being in full control of said environment is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Yet, I’ve found myself still looking to be out among the people; even though I don’t generally like to interact with strangers, the mere presence of people is something I draw tremendous energy from.

suit details

It pervades all aspects of my life; my workouts have been much less effective away from the gym, my professional life as a designer has taken a toll, and overall satisfaction with the state of things has dropped. Humans as social animals has been studied by far more qualified folks than myself, so I won’t bother to go there, but noticing the affect has been interesting, to say the least.

At any rate, things being as they are had highlighted for me the importance of creating the energy you need in order to be successful, and, barring the ability to change your circumstances, adapting yourself to thrive in the environment you have to work with. I haven’t always been successful in that. In fact, it’s a daily struggle, some being more successful than others. I continue to find inspiration in admiration of the creative output of others - writers and artists being chief among them.

In front of the boats

The Dallas Museum of Art recently reopened, and museums being one of my most favored pastimes, I had to visit. While light on traveling exhibitions (For a Dreamer of Houses was worthwhile, but fell a bit flat for me personally, after recently viewing Flesh & Blood at the Kimball, and the Dior exhibit prior to that) the core exhibits have many treasures awaiting a further look. The quality of the exhibits is not even in question, for me. The mere fact that we are again allowed to exist in those spaces, and to absorb the energy within, is all I needed. Perhaps this is strange, but I also draw energy from what I wear, and the creative and technical intention I aspire for all of my garments to carry.

As Prime Time famously said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. You play good, they pay good.”

In front of the boats